Meditation Made Easy

September 9th, 2016

Learn to be silent. Let your quiet mind 

listen and absorb “- Pythagoras

How often is it that we are truly silent, not just verbally but mentally? That we can sit, walk or just be at peace with our mind that is free of chatter. Unfortunately, not often enough.

For some reason, there is this myth that meditation can only be done by sitting cross legged on a pillow with our eyes closed for hours. Sure, meditation can be this but it’s not only this. Meditation can be going for a walk in nature, observing the trees, the flowers or the earth beneath our feet. Meditation is acknowledging and recognizing our thoughts and then allowing them to pass.

To be able to feel like we are one with nature is an amazing feeling and definitely a form of meditation. In this moment we are the tress, the flowers and the earth beneath our feet. What a feeling to know that we are one with nature! When we begin to understand the bigger picture and realize that we are part of something so much larger than ourselves, the sooner the confusion will start to disappear and guidance will start to appear.

It’s been estimated that the average person has 60 thousand separate thoughts each day, the same thoughts day in and day out! As Wayne Dyer says “This pattern reinforces our cultural belief that all gaps in conversation (silence) need to be filled quickly. For many, silence represents an embarrassment and a social defect. Therefore, we learn to jump in to fill these spaces, whether or not our filler has any substance.”

So, instead of trying to fill these gaps, be still and comfortable with it. Practice noticing your in and out breaths all throughout the day; during meetings, conversations and dinners. Listen rather than waiting to reply. Spend sometime outside and observe your thoughts, acknowledge them, recognize and release them. If you practice this, eventually you will have less thoughts, chatter and clutter to distract you. You can train your brain like a muscle and you will be able to still your mind much easier as you keep up the practice and adapt it as a daily routine.

How to for beginners

1. Next time you find yourself outside take a minute to really immerse yourself in the present moment.

2. Begin to notice all that surrounds you, the trees, the flowers, and even the cars passing by.

3. Take a few long deep inhales and exhales.

3. If thoughts start to flood your mind, allow them to and then let them pass.

4. Focus your mind on your breath and the beauty that surrounds you.


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