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August 11th, 2016

So it’s no surprise we love to sprint! But let us tell you a bit about why we love it and the benefits from it.

One of the first things you’ll discover when you do a bit of research is that sprinting is the BEST way to lose fat.  An article by www.healthfitnessrevolution.com states; ” Sprint training is one of the most efficient conditioning exercises that can create significant and notable fat loss. Compared to long and steady aerobic training, like running or jogging, sprinting enables you to lose body fat whereas in aerobic training, you are more likely to lose body mass – which includes fat, but also water weight. When wanting to lose weight and become healthier, you should aim to lose fat. You can definitely do that by doing a sprint training, where you will burn fat faster and preserve or even build muscle. In fact, a Nutrition journal study conducted in 2004 showed that fat metabolism is most effective during running at intensities between 47 and 64%, depending on athletic ability”

Sprinting is also a great way to maintain muscle mass while working on your cardiovascular health, developing endurance, and increasing the strength of your fast twitch muscle fibres.  We don’t know about you, but we’ve seen the way the olympic sprinters look compared to long distance runners.  They look lean, strong and fit as hell!

We know that after we sprint, we feel amazing!  Well, maybe more like 10 minutes after. When our heart rate returns to normal and our faces aren’t so red. The following day even our obliques are sore from the motion of our arms swimming back and forth.  Talk about a full body work out!

Sprinting is not only great at increasing your fitness/weight loss goals but also great for your metabolic health too. Primal forefather Mark Sisson writes “Sprint intervals improve insulin sensitivity in healthy young subjectsoverweight men, and overweight, sedentary women alike. In the youngsters, it improves their lipids, too.  Sprint intervals also reduce postprandial lipemia (temporary elevation of blood triglycerides after a meal), and they improve the circulatory function of obese, sedentary women. Sprinting also boosts growth hormone.  Best of all, sprinting is the best bang for your buck exercise around.  It’s over quick, you’re not in agony for hours at a time (and for more hours after the workout), and it gets the job done. One study even concluded that sprint intervals are a “time-efficient strategy to induce” similar muscular and performance benefits as endurance training.”

If you’re not already sold on sprinting, take a look at some or all of the links we have to inform yourself further!

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Here are some alternatives if you have knee or back injuries!

And of course here are some of our tips for incorporating sprinting into your workout regime:

  1. Aim for 1-3x per week. It only takes 10-20 min!
  2. Start with 30 seconds on and 1 min off. Try a 100-200 metre sprint then walk back to the starting point. See how many you can do and work on beating your average weekly!
  3. Do it outside preferably. If you don’t have access to a park or track then use a stationary bicycle at the gym or lane swimming pools. We find the treadmill to not feel as good for the knees and can be dangerous to switch the controller from those speeds while running so fast. Proceed with caution!
  4. Find a sprinting buddy! Nothing more motivating than running next to one another. Plus,  you can hold each other accountable so you stick to your weekly goals.

Have fun and please let us know your progress! Tag us on Instagram of you working on your sprints @pulse.pump.prana #PPPsprintforyourlife

And here’s a quick video of Amanda on the track to give you an idea of what to do!

Amanda’s Sprints

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